A Walking Demonstration In Short Knickers

Once in a while, it’s really good to see a postcard message that raises a smile.  That is certainly the case with this Real Photo postcard which Mum and Dad sent from Long Melford, Suffolk to Bernard and Hilda on 24 August 1951.

The message reads:

Dear Bernard and Hilda

Very many thanks for your two letters which were very interesting.  Very glad that the weather has behaved so well.  As you have improved so much in distance walking we suppose you will put on short knickers when you get home again and give a walking demonstration in Melford Street to revive the memory of Bonker Ambrose.

We went to Cornwall yesterday (Thursday) and have a very enjoyable time.  Very glad that both of you already feel benefited by the change of climate etc.  Fond love to both.

Mum and Dad

Thankfully, this postcard spares us from photographic evidence of Bernard and Hilda walking in their short knickers in Long Melford as the picture is of The Hoe and War Memorials in Plymouth, Devon.  The mind, however, is doing its best (or should that be worst?) to picture the scene!

Oh, and who on earth was Bonker Ambrose?  Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

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