Those Wretched Timetables Again!

Today, I decided that I would pick at random one of the postcard messages that I have already scanned.  Lo and behold, this one mentions those wretched train timetables which seem to have greatly pre-occupied postcard scribes in the early twentieth century.  Sent to Miss K Richards, 17 Orford Street, Ipswich on 10 September 1910 the sender, whose name appears to be Nelly, writes:

Dear [K?]……

I like that PC very much I do not know what time I shall be home tomorrow as they have not got a timetable so shall have to go down to the station sometime.  I shall come afternoon or evening if I can so be at home when I come.  Love to all from Nelly.

P.S. I could not send you a PC like dads as I forget what it was.  Perhaps you will come down the town when I come home.

The one thing I love about this postcard message is Nelly’s instruction to K to be at home when she arrives – even though Nelly does not know what time she will get home.

Wouldn’t life have been so much easier for postcard scribes if internet search engines had been invented at the beginning of the last century?  Mind you, perhaps the postcard fad would never have got off the ground – and where would we deltiologists be today?

The picture of Scheregate, Colchester, Essex which appears on the other side of this postcard can be seen here.

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