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Vintage Postcards, Photographs And A Coffin

I have just returned from what I would call a fairly successful day at an antiques centre in Hertfordshire.  It never ceases to amaze me, though, what you can find at an auction. Trying to hunt out some more vintage … Continue reading

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Postcards From Brightlingsea Found Down Under

Considering Brightlingsea is not a million miles away from me, it rankles a bit that I had to go Perth to find these informative postcards – Perth, Western Australia, that is!  Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain postcards 1 … Continue reading

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Keeping Up To Date With Reminiscene

Just a reminder, if I may.  If you enjoy looking at vintage postcards, please check out my website, Reminiscene. You can keep up to date with new additions to the site, and with what is on the other side of … Continue reading

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…And The Busy One

Unfortunately, the surname of the recipient of this postcard is unclear, but whoever he was, he lived at 8 Drayton Road, West Ealing, London. A busy Charlie writes: I am sorry not to have written to you.  But have been … Continue reading

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The Forgetful One

In this postcard to Miss Ada Paltenden of Prospect Cottage, Henfield, Sussex, a forgetful “J” writes: Just a line to say I arrived safely 5.30 very good journey no stop between Willesden and Rugby found some snow and we’ve had … Continue reading

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White Space? What's That?

Ever since the postcard was first invented, scribes have been battling to find ways of getting the longest possible message into the limited space available to them. Those who had the misfortune to send Undivided Back postcards were definitely disadvantaged … Continue reading

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