Postcards From Brightlingsea Found Down Under

Considering Brightlingsea is not a million miles away from me, it rankles a bit that I had to go Perth to find these informative postcards – Perth, Western Australia, that is!  Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain postcards 1 and 3 from a series of goodness knows how many, and it particularly irritates me that the sender has not signed either.  Perhaps his name appears on postcard 4 or 104.  Either way, the sender, who was at AETD, Brightlingsea, first writes on 26 June 1918:

My Dearest,

The central picture is of All Saints Church about two miles out.  I have been inside it & also to top of tower.  Description in previous letter.  The church in the picture at bottom left hand corner is known as St James’ Church, where Church Parade is held every Sunday.  High Street is perhaps the main business thoroughfare in the town.

There are no prizes for guessing that this postcard is a multiview postcard of Brightlingsea which can be seen here.

The second postcard (or third in the series), which was sent on the same day, reads:

Here you have a good view of the Hard which I have mentioned when writing to you.  The nice hotel you see is the headquarters of the Yachting Club which made this place before the war.  On the pebbly beach you see in front of the hotel the Engineers now have their pontoons for bridge-building.

The picture on the other side of this postcard may be seen here.

A great shame that I was unable to obtain other postcards in this series as the messages are quite interesting.  However, taking air fares into account, these must be the two most expensive postcards in my collection!  Perhaps it’s as well that Perth, Western Australia, could offer no more postcards of Brightlingsea, Essex.

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