Vintage Postcards, Photographs And A Coffin

I have just returned from what I would call a fairly successful day at an antiques centre in Hertfordshire.  It never ceases to amaze me, though, what you can find at an auction.

Trying to hunt out some more vintage postcards and photographs to put on Reminiscene, I popped into an auction room to browse the numerous lots laid out ready for the dealer’s next auction.  Unfortunately for me, I had chosen to enter on a non-viewing day (well, the door was open and the last time I was there it was a viewing day!).

Needless to say, I made no attempt to outstay my welcome and promptly left.  As I exited, I turned round again to take a last glance at the auction room.  There, almost directly in front of me, was an adult-sized coffin which I had failed to notice when I went it.  This got me wondering about the circumstances which might lead to a coffin ending up in an auction – especially one which appeared to be in good condition and which, presumably, has not previously been used.

All of this begs two questions.  Why would somebody buy a coffin and not use it?     Will the eventual purchaser get a better deal at the auction than by buying a coffin from a Funeral Director?  I don’t suppose I shall ever know.  But, I digress.

Thankfully, my trip was not wasted.  I managed to find what I think is a very good Real Photograph postcard of a barrel organ, and 18 Cabinet Portraits and Cartes de Visite, some of which are named.  All of these will appear on Reminiscene soon and I will post again when they are.

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