Reminiscene’s Website To Close…But All Is Not Completely Lost

After much deliberation, I have reluctantly decided to close Reminiscene‘s website at the end of this year when the domain name becomes due for renewal.  In the meantime, I will not be uploading any new material to the site

As many Webmasters will testify, the uploading of new material and the general maintenance associated with websites can take up a considerable amount of time.  Unfortunately, I have found in recent months that other commitments mean I no longer have as much time as I would wish to be able to devote to the site.  I appreciate that this may be disappointing news to those who regularly visit the site.  However, all is not completely lost.

Although my website will not continue beyond the end of this year, I do intend to post here, as when I can, about interesting postcards and messages which I add to my collection.  Between now and the end of the year, I also hope to be able to post on this blog named photographs in my collection, together with an index.  That way, there will still be an opportunity for proven descendants to claim photographs of their ancestors which, of course, has always been the aim of Reminiscene.

I shall also be starting a page for Reminiscene on Facebook and Reminiscene will continue its presence on Twitter.  I very much hope that the technology which permits the simultaneous publication of information on this blog and on Twitter and Facebook will enable me to post sufficiently interesting material without my having to spend an unde amount of time on this project.  Please bear with me over the coming months.  Thank you.

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