About Reminiscene

Originally formed in 1995, Reminiscene, was an amalgamation of my two vintage photograph and postcard websites, AncestralPast and Bygone Britain.  At the time, my collection of photographs and postcards, most of which were rescued from antique shops and collector fairs, was relatively small.  Now, the collection numbers well  over 1,000 items and continues to grow.  Sadly, I have decided to close the website in December 2011 when the domain name falls due for renewal.  I will, instead, use this blog to post about interesting postcards and the messages on them.

Since Reminiscene‘s principal aim has always been to return photographs of people to proven descendants of those featured in the photographs, I will upload to this blog photographs bearing the names of the sitters.  So far, mostly thanks to the power of the internet, I have successfully returned photographs on six occasions, the first being the return of an entire Victorian photograph album to the great nephew of one of the ladies who featured in some of the photographs.

If you can prove descent from any of those featured in the photographs, please email me at reminiscene(at – replace with @)virginmedia.co

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