The Works Of Marjorie C Bates

I am frequently asked if I can value original prints and sketches by Marjorie C Bates. I regret that I am unable to help with this as my interest extends only to postcards bearing her works.

Detailed Information about Marjorie C Bates and her works is available from the Panvertu Gallery at and Unfortunately, it is evident from the Panvertu Art Gallery’s Valuations page that they, too, are unable to assist with valuations. If you need to value an original painting or print by Marjorie C Bates, I would therefore advise you to contact a local art dealer or auction house who may be able to point you in the right direction.

Marjorie C Bates was a prolific artist with 88 of her landmark sketches appearing on postcards published by the British Art Company. I understand that there may be one or two other landmark postcards which do not appear on the list, but I have not yet seen these to be able to verify this. Some of Marjorie C Bates’ sketches of Shakespearean characters have also been published on postcards.  Several of Marjore C Bates works reproduced on postcards can be seen on Reminiscene‘s Marjorie C Bates Collection page.

It is invariably difficult to pin down the true value of postcards because some buyers will be willing to pay a higher price than others. The bidding frenzy often encountered on internet auction sites can also inflate prices. As a general rule, I would normally expect to pay anything up to £3 for a postcard bearing one of Marjorie Bates’ landmark sketches, and up to £5 for one bearing one of her Shakespearian characters. The condition of the postcard will, of course, have a bearing on the price to be paid.

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